The History of Flyer!


Flyer is a band from sunny California that has been performing for the last 35 years. Yes, you heard right... 35 years! Flyer holds the record for playing classic rock music in one establishment for 32 years. That is the longest run for one band known! SO, let's meet the Flyer of today! Jim Forney on lead guitar, bass and vocals, Nancy Hartmann on acoustic guitar and vocals, and last but not least, Todd Hartmann on keyboards, synthesizers, and vocals. 

It all started in 1976 when Todd and Nancy began performing with the very talented Tony Rossine and Dave Harris. The band played at The Cannery, The Ancient Mariner, Reuben E. Lee and other venues in Orange County CA. Flyer began working at The Jolly Rogers restaurant in 1979. A year when you could buy a gallon of gas for 86 cents, Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime minister, Jimmy Carter was president, and Michael Jackson released his album "Off the Wall'. Aside from the name of the venue being changed to Buster Beach House in 1990, the band playing with John Davidson in Branson Missouri for 6 months, Dave Hinds playing with them for 18 years, and the addition of the talented Jim Forney, Flyer, with Todd and Nancy as original members, played at that location until 2011!!

Busters sold in 2011 and the band moved onto new adventures, getting to play on the Norwegain Sun which traveled to 17 countries, The Baltics and the Caribbean. It was an unbelievable experience and the band made lifelong friends from all around the world.

Flyer now performs at varies locations in Hungtington Beach and Long Beach CA. The band has a loyal following of old and new friends and the FLYER family is thriving. Please check out our schedule for upcoming dates!

We hope to see you for the many future fun times ahead!